picture of Riverbend redevelopment site plan

Riverbend Transit Oriented Development

  • Location: Riverbend, Calgary, AB
  • Developer: Real Estate and Development Services, City of Calgary
  • Approval: Pending
  • Size: 13.6 acres
  • Situated Personnel Involved:
    • David Allen
    • Bela Syal
    • Bob Clark
  • Client Reference:
    • Michael Carnegie
    • michael.carnegie@calgary.ca

Challenge: Client desired to redevelop this underutilized urban parcel in a future TOD area for higher and best uses and meet intensification goals for City of Calgary assets. Carefully integrating higher density TOD land uses to support a future adjacent Greenline LRT station to the east and integrate with an existing lower density subdivision to the west was a particular design challenge. The 13.6 ac. site was encumbered with previous roads, utilities, and properties from the original settlement along with new transportation upgrades all to be reconsidered for a new plan to support more intensification, parks, and mobility needs.

Result: Situated was retained to conduct a detailed bylaw review, reveal the Clients business goals, market research, and engage with City staff and area Councillor, and the local community members to create and receive feedback on clear new vision and plan for the property. The pending proposal is to subdivide the site into four or five development sites to accommodate a variety of low and medium profile residential housing options, along with a significant new open space to serve this and the surrounding community needs. The development proposal is being timed with the future Green Line LRT station in the Community of South Hill, with the development being only 600m from the future train station. The proposal is estimated to include 500-600 units within 2-3 storey grade-oriented townhouses, and 4-6 storey multi-residential buildings. The road network is expected to be multi-modal with connection points to Riverbend and 24 ST SE.

The land use was led by Situated to coordinate its technical and Client team partners, land use processing and pending approvals anticipated in 2023 by Calgary City Council.