picture of Midfield's core ideas and vision

Midfield Heights

  • Location: Northeast Calgary
  • Developer: City of Calgary Real Estate and Development Services
  • Approval: 2021
  • Size: ±23.5 acres
  • Situated Personnel Involved:
    • David Allen
    • Bela Syal
    • Bob Clark
    • Ashley Woo
    • Neelima Siddhartha
  • Client Reference:
    • Carol-Ann Bestwick
    • carol-ann.beswick@calgary.ca
    • (403) 268-2589

Challenge: Client’s desire was to research, envision, engage, create and approve a mixed-use development for a 23.5 acre Calgary inner-city redevelopment to repurpose a former mobile home park site. Surrounded by open spaces, golf courses, escarpments, major transportation corridors, and established communities this was an extensive community engagement and technical design exercise to achieve sustainability and community integration goals of the Client.

Result: Detailed market research, insights from community led design, technical constraints, and sustainability goals created a mixed-use urban village consisting of 1,000+ multifamily homes and 40,000 sq.ft. of commercial development. This iconic project will feature high quality urban design along with multiple public open space amenities and strong connectivity to the broader established community.  The development achieved Client goals to include a significant affordable housing component, sustainability and climate resilience commitments through the development of low carbon energy guidelines, and creation of market housing and retail opportunities. The land use and outline plan was approved by Calgary City Council in March 2021. Construction is scheduled to commence in 2022+.