picture of Jayman Mahogany

Jayman Mahogany

  • Location: Mahogany SE Calgary, AB
  • Developer: Jayman Master Built
  • Approval: 2021
  • Size:
  • Situated Personnel Involved:
    • David Allen
    • Bela Syal
    • Bob Clark
  • Client Reference:
    • Dennis Aucoin
    • daucoin@jayman.com
    • (403) 723-5696

Challenge: Due to changing market conditions the Client desired to modernize their zoning to match new housing product better suited to buyer preferences on future phases of their land holdings in Mahogany. The 13.5 acre multi-family site wasoriginally envisioned for higher intensity uses and the Client desire was to adjust these land uses for less intensity with flexibility to adjust to a higher intensity use should market conditions warrant.

Result: Situated was retained to conduct a detailed bylaw review, reveal the Client’s business goals, engage with City staff and area Councillor, and the local community leaders to cast a clear vision of the challenge and opportunity to rezone the property. This strong understanding resulted in a successful rationale for a land use application. The land use was led by Situated to coordinate technical and Client team, land use processing and subsequent unanimous approval by Calgary City Council in Feb 2021 in only 4 months. Construction commenced in 2021.