• Location: Rockyview, Cochrane, Okotoks, AB
  • Developer: Various
  • Approval: 2016
  • Size: 160-200 acres
  • Situated Personnel Involved:
    • David Allen
  • Client Reference:
    • Burnswest Corp.
    • Calgary, AB

Challenge: The Client’s desire was to conceptualize new industrial business park opportunities as well as modernize previously approved land uses. Infrastructure, market opportunities, and planning constraints were obstacles to overcome for the plans to move forward.

Result: Concept plans were created for client needs to assess market opportunities to advance to land use approvals. Land uses were amended to match market conditions and economic development goals as well as successful water rights were transferred to allocate to the development area. Infrastructure negotiations were completed with adjacent developers to resolve long standing cost sharing and major rail line crossings to access the new phases of development.

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