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Situated delivers 360 DEGREE+ Results with our Development Planning and Management experience with the goal of maximizing your real estate's potential today, tomorrow, and for years to come.

Why Situated

Situated is not a traditional consulting service. We know what drives real estate, we have done it, and we want to be successful with you. We create opportunities and deal flow for you through our knowledge and our extensive network. We are your management, advisory, planning and financial evaluation first call.

Adding Value

We understand the market and it's our business to constantly understand shifting dynamics. This provides us with an edge that keeps you better informed than your competitors. We know approvals mean everything to you. We deliver. You can expect results + value-added insights with Situated.


This is the secret sauce at the core of our service. Our proprietary analysis will reveal a matrix dashboard which includes the connection between risks and opportunities in order to mitigate and leverage your asset strengths. It can only be provided by our experienced multi-disciplinary team.

Top Notch Service

Situated is a nimble and experienced team that does not waste time. We initiate our forces quickly and can scale to take on the most complex issues for you. Ask others about our well respected team and speak with us first for 360 DEGREE+ results with your land project.

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Situated was founded by David Allen after 20 years as a land development professional. David is passionate about solving real estate business challenges and an experienced development leader. David has been accountable for real estate business P&L, asset management, brand, sales & marketing, government relations, operations, joint ventures, and team performance as a manager and executive leader. David developed and executed strategic plans for $500M of real estate assets and has extensive knowledge of North American development practices.

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Bela Syal has over 25 years of experience in leading the visioning and planning for some of the largest, best-selling and innovative communities in Calgary, navigating through the multifaceted municipal approval process with a proven track record of success. Combined with her recent Executive MBA, Bela has a comprehensive understanding of land development for both large and small scale residential, commercial and industrial real estate. Bela's services include planning, design and strategy for policy plans, land use, outline and neighbourhood plans, growth management business plans and advocacy.

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Bob Clark

403 540 1819 [email protected]

Bob has been a leader and influencer in the Development Industry for decades as a builder, an engineering consultant and a land developer. Bob holds a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Calgary and a diploma from the Banff School of Advanced Management. Bob has been involved in all facets of the land development business from strategic land acquisitions to the planning, design and execution of 19 master planned communities. Bob has worked extensively with the development industry, municipal and provincial authorities to influence policy and decision making at both the Provincial and Municipal level.

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Ashley has over 9 years of experience in urban planning in the Calgary region. Through work for the public sector, private sector and as a consultant, throughout her planning career, she has knowledge of all sectors of development. Ashley provides a range of planning services within the Land Use Development arm of Situated. These services include conceptual design, land use planning, policy development, and landowner coordination to balance the interests of property owners, the municipality and the community.

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Jean-Pierre (JP) Brind'Amour brings a diverse background to impact your place branding, place making, and place marketing projects. From a design and branding perspective, JP articulates form & function solutions that add extra value. From a technology perspective, JP architects strategies that align assets for new value, new experience, and new community potential. JP has an MBA in IT Management and has consulted locally for Brookfield Residential and for projects at the CORE. A career that includes work in Europe, Asia, China and the USA.

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Jason Margo's background in market analysis, economic forecasting, and valuation brings Situated further technical knowledge to its already excellent team. A finance graduate from the University of Alberta, Jason strives to reduce investment risk through better forward looking data and a fresh approach to market analysis and data analytics. He is always looking for innovative ideas to create efficiencies and bring additional value to projects.

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Situated has a great understanding of the development industry with experience in managing projects from inception to sale.

Ryan Scott, President & CEO

Avalon Master Builder
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Situated was so valuable to help assess and obtain redevelopment approvals for our completed gravel mining operations

Jeff Burns, President

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The proposal was an example of considering the big picture and the literal spatial interconnectedness before making decisions to proceed to the next level of the planning process.

City of Chestermere

Public Hearing Report June 2018
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I have had the pleasure of knowing Situated for years. I can confidently say that it's rare to find such a complete package of experience, wisdom, leadership, and dedication.

Adrian Litavski, Principal

Johnson Litavski Ltd., Toronto ON


We maximize your assets by matching our knowledge with the right location and the appropriate capital structure.

Greystone, Cochrane


The owners challenge was how to add value to a gravel pit and concrete manufacturing facility nearing end of operations. Situated conducted a 360+ Analysis, analyzed opportunities and selected a technical team to assess physical development risks and mitigation. Situated performed lead strategy, project management, and market assessment while managing technical team to pursue land use changes for a higher and better use. Top priority technical assessments to determine development feasibility were completed. A mixed use business park and residential community land use plan was created and aligned to market opportunities. Risk managed public consultation and land use approval applications. Result was policy approval to support the development, land use approvals pending, and sales pipeline of potential site purchasers is activated.

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South Bank Business Park, Calgary

Southbank Business District

Owners of a 150 acre site were challenged with how to move forward with property development. Situated was retained to help owners evaluate market segments and parcel sizes and absorption to match market demand. Technical team adjustments, communication strategy, place branding, and risk management were led by Situated. We resolved adjacent owner boundary conditions and worked on strategies with stakeholders to advanced approvals and add value with land use amendments. Results included risk mitigation by mixing land uses to match market and timing, approval consultation strategy, water licensing risk mitigation, resolved infrastructure challenges and multiple technical strategies to advance the project. The project has received full approvals and servicing commenced in 2017.

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Aldersyde East

Aldersyde East

The challenge was to outline the future vision of the Aldersyde East community through land use analysis, servicing strategies, transportation networks, and principles of socially, environmentally, and economically sustainable development. We focused on building a "Live, Work, Play" community that accommodates primarily residential and small-scale commercial development. The owners of this former rural gravel pit were challenged with how to add value to a closed and remediated former mine. Situated was retained to assess opportunities to add value. Result was relationships formed with adjacent owners and municipal district who had similar goals. Situated continues to advise and represent owner through the high level planning policy now underway to support future development in the area.

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Greystone, Cochrane

Next Generation Seniors Centre

Situated's team was retained by the Kerby Centre following a detailed RFP process. Situated fulfills a strategic advisory and project management role for Kerby's collaboration with government and non-profit partners for a Next Generation Seniors Lifestyle Centre in a new location in central Calgary. Situated conducted a 360+ Analysis evaluated site conditions for project suitability, assessed potential development partners, prepared communications to risk manage and support Government approval process, and assessed the market opportunity for the business case. Result is advancement of the project to fundraising and securing a site for suitable project development.

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Chestermere Mixed Use

Situated was retained to assist the landowner to "make sense" of an area which had no clear land use direction or infrastructure alignment. Situated performed a 360+ Analysis to focus the owner on key risks and opportunities to mitigate and pursue. The result was influencing the City's municipal development plan and area growth policy to create commercial and residential opportunity, advise on development agreements to accommodate a future commuter corridor, mitigated flood risk, and aligned and approved area policy to make the land attractive to a developer. The results are the asset has a logical and comprehensive policy direction for future development and now under contract by a developer to advance final approvals. Work Scope included: Situational Analysis, Visioning, Policy Review and Alignment, Influencing, Open House and Regulatory Representation, Servicing Agreements, Residential and Commercial Market Research, Municipal Development Plan Amendments, Area Structure Plan Amendments.

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Cochrane Mixed Use Lands

Situated was retained to assist the client to accelerate decision making and assess potential development opportunity on their asset. Situated provided strategic and tactical intelligence to assist owner and planners with draft land use policy layouts and alignment with adjacent Greystone planning application. Client benefited from Situated insights to make decisions on community based land use options such as cultural and institutional uses centres, business park and residential uses based on infrastructure, policy, physical and market constraints and opportunities. Work Scope Included: Situational Analysis, Visioning, Policy Review and Alignment, Influencing, Client Advisory, Residential and Commercial Market Research, and Valuation Comparisons.

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Rangeview Calgary

Rangeview, Calgary

Rangeview is Calgary's first garden-to-table community, designed to nourish and inspire authentic living through food celebration. A 320 acre development in Calgary southeast, Rangeview will be an inclusive community consisting of 3,000 residential units with a focus on affordability and lifestyle. The housing mix will include apartment style condominiums, street-oriented townhomes, single-detached garage homes and attached-garage homes, attracting a broad mix of buyers spanning multiple generations and life stages. Innovative affordable housing types include clustered pocket residential in a comprehensive development. Led by Situated, Rangeview successfully received approvals for Outline Plan and Land Use in December 2018. Construction is anticipated to commence in 2020 to address the residential supply gap in Calgary's fastest growing southeast sector.

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Fish Creek Exchange Shawnee slopes Condos Calgary

Fish Creek Exchange, Calgary

Fish Creek Exchange is a significant urban infill project which is redeveloping the former Shawnee Slopes Golf Course in SW Calgary, AB. Graywood is the master developer and builder of residential products in the Town Centre area named Fish Creek Exchange. Graywood was challenged with rapidly changing market conditions and required strategic and tactical market insights into existing product and recommendations for future product to continue to move forward with their business objectives. Situated was retained to analyze existing product as well as conduct local market research to recommend new development product typologies for Graywood. This required amendments to their land use plan which Graywood accepted and preparations for land use amendments to support new highest and best use opportunities is underway.

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Winston Heights Village

Winston Heights Village

Situated was retained to assist the City of Calgary to manage a multi-faceted team of local, national and international experts to formulate research, assess site risks and opportunities, coordinate public engagement, develop concept plan options, and prepare and manage approvals of the outline plan, land use and subdivision for Winston Heights Village located in northeast Calgary. This is a high-profile redevelopment infill urban village at the confluence of the Trans Canada Highway and the Queen Elizabeth II Highway in the neighborhood of Winston Heights / Renfrew in NE Calgary.

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What We Do For You

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  • Valuation & Partnerships
  • Professional Outsourcing
  • Strategic Assessment
  • Development Management
  • Portfolio Planning
  • Project Management
  • Business Development
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  • Local Network Access & Influence
  • Risk Management
  • Analytics & Research
  • Strategy & Workflow
  • Place Branding & Place Making
  • Project Plan Peer Review
  • Growth Management
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  • Ideation and Visioning
  • Neighbourhood Concepts
  • Conceptual Framework
  • Regulatory Approvals
  • Planning Management
  • Policy Plans
  • Advocacy
  • Expert Testimony
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  • Capital Structure Guidance
  • Due Diligence
  • Financial Proformas and Cash Flow Management
  • Development of Financial Parameters for Project Analysis
  • Net Present Value Analysis for Land Purchases
  • Identifying and Introducing Capital Partners
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No other advisory firm is leaner and keener.
We MAXIMIZE return on real estate.

Experienced Advisors For Land Development

Situated is an advisor and management partner for property owners and developers. Situated leverages a professional network of experts led by the experience of David Allen to help with your business challenges and growth.

Award Winning North American Project Experience

Situated has navigated market cycles and asset turnarounds to produce award winning communities built for enduring value. Situated's North American experience provides clients a unique opportunity to leverage its experience.

Top Notch Service Available When You Need It

Situated is an owners' advisor and friend, a true partner to assess and resource a company. Services range from growth strategy to management outsourcing of development projects. Situated is not a traditional real estate consulting firm, we know what drives real estate, we have done it, and we want to be successful with you.

Top Notch Team Passionate About Your Development Potential

Situated is passionate about solving development challenges and applying experienced development leadership. We are accountable for real estate business P&L, asset management, brand, sales & marketing, government relations, operations, joint ventures, and team performance in the North American context.

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Project Leadership & Business Development

Why Situated? You may not always have the capacity and local insights to execute on your goals. Situated assists clients to advance projects faster and with better insight from concept to completion. Our results speak for themselves: While other projects follow general trends at a sluggish pace, our projects speed ahead. Situated's network of resources, hiring local staff and consultants and our ability to reach deep into local planning, research construction and capital networks makes our involvement indispensible. Let's Make It Real.

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Due Diligence

Potential investors interested in the local market contact Situated to assist with due diligence on potential purchases. Situated can help answer investor questions and retain technical support which matches investor needs. Results speak for themselves: Investors receive tailored analysis with greater insights and speed than they can accomplish on their own efforts to make decisions faster. Let's Make It Real.

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Turnarounds & Project Rescue

Situated assists manufactured home building companies and developers with stagnated growth challenges. For example, Situated worked with a company owner to reorganize the sales experience, product portfolio, company merchandising, and employee resources. Results speak for themselves: 35% increase in sales within 12 months, better margins, increased customer traffic, expanded customer profile, and sustained sales leads.

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Aggregate Gravel Pit Redevelopment

Situated has the most talent in the industry when it comes to assessing and approving gravel pit operations for redevelopment and reuse. This is a specialized skill-set in the industry and not widely understood. Take advantage of our Situated teams specialty. Collectively the Situated team has over 30 years, and 2,500 acres of gravel pit redevelopment experience over seven signature projects. Our team has been involved with many aspects including aggregate mine due diligence for redevelopment, servicing and grading strategies, visioning, reclamation, rezoning, redevelopment servicing and sales, flood mitigation, recreational lake studies, and alternative uses of value to our clients and the greater community.

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Why Situated? Developers do not always have the capacity and local insights to execute on their goals. Situated is retained to assist clients to advance projects faster and with better insight from concept to completion. Our results speak for themselves: While other projects follow general trends at a sluggish pace, our projects meet targeted buyers with speed of execution. Situated's network of resources, hiring local staff and consultants and our ability to reach deep into local planning, construction and capital networks makes our involvement indispensible. Let's Make It Real.

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Real estate market opportunities are always changing.
Are you SITUATED to maximize your project?

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